Lia Grainger

Choreographer, Dancer, Flamenco Artist


Lia is the co-founder and artistic director of Fin de Fiesta Flamenco, a vibrant music and dance ensemble comprised of award-winning artists from Canada, France and Italy. Based in Seville, Spain, Fin de Fiesta brings together flamenco dance, song, guitar, flute, and percussion in an explosive, stage-ready celebration of this passionate Andalusian art form. Ancient rhythms meet avant-garde ideas in an explosion of staccato guitar, soul-churning vocals and percussive footwork. Its members have toured the world, (Japan, China, Mexico, Ecuador, the U.S.), and the group has just completed a 23-show national tour of Canada (outdoor festival venues and theatres - full performance history here). Their most recent album, Homenaje, was released in December 2016. This is their fifth year together.